If you have never used or tried a kettlebell, you may still have seen one at a local gym or fitness store. Kettlebells have been used for many years, but only recently have they found their way into everyday society. If you don't know what a kettlebell looks like, you might have trouble understanding how they work. If you've worked with dumbbells, kettlebells are a similar concept. Dumbbells consist of a rod with two weighted plates at either end of the rod. The athlete will then lift the weight by grabbing the rod. Kettlebells are made differently. Kettlebells are made of a metal grasping loop attached to a mass of weight. Kettlebells are lifted by grasping and lifting the weight by the metal loop. Kettlebell weights are usually around the size of a bowling ball. There are many different weights and sizes you can use. The weights vary from as low as two pounds to as high as one hundred pounds.


Kettlebells have their roots in Eastern Europe, but many American gyms and trainers are adopting them as a standard. Kettlebells can deliver results that dumbbells do not. Kettlebells work the full body. While dumbbells typically work to isolate certain muscles, kettlebells force many muscle groups to work together in the lifting process. You can work out your body evenly using kettlebells. By using kettlebells, you can shorten the time of your workouts while simultaneously increasing effectiveness.


A kettlebell workout dvd typically consists of many different swinging motions. This is highly beneficial to fitness enthusiasts. Lifting kettlebells in a swinging motion helps with cardio as well. Each lift also requires a wide range of motion which can increase flexibility. Being flexible is vital to avoiding a sports injury.


It helps to think of dumbbells and kettlebells as having two separate purposes. Dumbbells are used to isolate trouble spots. Target muscles that are falling behind with isolation techniques. The use of kettlebells is much more broad than with dumbbells. If you require more than just isolated workouts, try kettlebells. Kettlebells increase your strength, cardio, and flexibility with each workout you complete. This is why many professional athletes stick with kettlebells.



Finally, there are several safety concerns you should consider before diving right into kettlebell workouts. Be very careful, and take your workouts you can learn at this website slowly the first few times. Kettlebells will help you get flexible, but you can injure your muscles if you try to do too much too quickly. If you can afford a trainer, it is typically best to do so. You can enjoy a better workout by putting safety and accuracy first. These tips will help you get started on your new journey with kettlebells.